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An easy-to-prepare, light, healthy and refreshing recipe that provides a wide variety of nutrition.

This cake offers a variety of possibilities, depending on what we have in the fridge. It is a recipe that allows you to use all those vegetables that have left over from a previous culinary preparation, or that are about to spoil. This dish can be a main course or a side dish, and has the advantage that once cooked, it can be frozen. It is an ideal and nutritious recipe for all those people who need to follow a low calorie diet and is suitable for vegans.


  • 500 ml of vegetable broth

  • An onion

  • 100 gr. of cauliflower

  • A medium carrot

  • Half roasted eggplant

  • A tablespoon of Tamari

  • A small tablespoon of olive oil

  • A small spoonful of coconut oil

  • Two tablespoons of toasted sesame

  • 6 gr. of Agar-Agar

  • Salt and pepper to taste

This recipe can be varied according to your taste or the vegetables you have in the fridge.


Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and add the diced onion. Meanwhile, peel and slice the carrot and cut the cauliflower into small pieces. When the onion is golden, add the carrot and cauliflower. Cut the roasted aubergine into strips and when the carrot and cauliflower are cooked, we add it. Finally, add the tamari, letting the vegetables soak in it, and when it is absorbed, turn off the heat and season to taste. Put the vegetable broth in a pot, and we dilute the agar-agar in it. Then add all the ingredients, previously cooked, and simmer for two or three minutes. Then grease a mold with coconut oil and put the mixture. Preheat the oven to about 180º and cook the cake for about 15-20 minutes until the liquid is consistent. Finally remove it from the oven and when it has cooled, unmold it and add the sesame seeds on top. It is a dish to serve cold, if you want to reheat, it will lose its characteristic consistency.


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